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SEM/EDS Analysis

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Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) is a method for analyzing the chemical composition of most inorganic and inorganic solids.  When the sample in the SEM is hit with high energy electrons, x-rays are produced from the sample. Some of these x-rays are known as "characteristic x-rays" because their energies are specific to the difference in energies between electron shells in the atom.  An EDS detector can efficiently collect these x-rays and provide a quantitative or semi-quantitative measurement of the sample's composition.  For most elements, we can detect levels down to 0.1 wt%.  EDS is a great screening tool for quality control, alloy identification, foreign object identification and for determining species present in corrosion products.  It is used in many industries including biomedical, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, materials science, biological/life science, geology and forensics. Our system capabilities include the following:

  • Point & ID (for chemical identification of features as small as 1 um in size)
  • Elemental Linescans for measuring the wt% change across a feature or interface of interest
  • Chemical Mapping for creating qualitative elemental distribution images

EDS area analysis of corrosion pit region on a penny.  Note the presence of Cl as the anion contributing to corrosion of the Cu and Zn in the penny.

​Point & ID Chemical Analysis

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